Field Turf

Field Turf


Bosse Sports in Sudbury is excited to announce a new 7,000 square foot turf field creating a unique training space for our athletes. This 5mm cushioned field turf is designed to be forgiving on the athlete’s joints and does not require sand and rubber pellets.

The main focus of field turf space is geared towards lacrosse instruction and individualized lessons and clinics. We also offer private and small group soccer instruction. Both our lacrosse and soccer programs are designed to enhance the players’ skills and elevate their experience in their town or club team setting.

Bosse Boxfit has a new home on the turf. We have added numerous boxing stands for more varied cardio-boxing class options and full-body exercises. Whether you are interested in kicking, punching, or just getting a great workout you will enjoy the field turf spaciousness and comfort.

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To learn more about our field turf and programs offered, please contact our concierge.