Physical Therapy

Fitness at a whole new level. Bosse Sports’ level!

Bosse Sports is very excited in welcoming Sports and Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) to our Sudbury facility. Bringing SPTA to the Bosse Sports family is a direct response by our membership to have these convenient services available in-house.

Sports and Physical Therapy Associates is known as one of the premier physical therapy rehabilitation centers in New England. They serve patients of all kinds whether it is a young child with an injury, a high school athlete, a retiree or an athlete on a professional sports team SPTA is the place to go for the best therapy. Their staff consists of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and athletic trainers. SPTA is devoted to providing the most up to date injury detection, post injury rehab, and sports specific training. The staff at SPTA, in conjunction with the Bosse Sports staff, will help you achieve success and return you to your sport or activity without restriction. Please feel free to give SPTA a call with any questions regarding their services or to book an appointment: 978-295-5306

We look forward to helping you reach your rehabilitation goals.

For additional information or to learn more about SPTA please visit their website: