Private Training

Private Training. Your Personal Trainer Awaits!

There is nothing like an engaging personal trainer that motivates you to get the most out of your fitness programs. First, we get to know you and your fitness goals before developing a personalized program that will ultimately help you reach your goals and stay healthy. If you are an athlete training for a particular event, we will develop a program that helps you maximize strength, endurance and flexibility, while teaching you ways to minimize the risk of injury.

Perhaps yours is a busy life, balancing a career, family, and a number of other demands. By using a personal trainer, you will be able to set aside time in advance that works for you and have that little ‘nudge’ you need when you know your trainer is waiting for you. Plus, your trainer will design a program that is efficient and effective for you to get better results.

Get In Touch!

We will custom match your private trainer to your particular personality and needs. To be matched with your private trainer, please contact our fitness director, Scott McCartney.