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The preschool swim lesson program is specially designed for children ages 2.5 through kindergarten. This program is held during morning and early afternoon hours when the pool is less crowded. The teachers are selected based on their background in aquatics and experience with young children. We work hard at consistency, teacher support and understanding. This gentle introduction for your young new swimmer sets a good foundation for future years in the water.


A water acclimation program designed to teach parents how to work safely and effectively with their child and introduces pre-swimming and swimming skills. The water skills taught are based on age appropriate gross motor development. Basic water safety, self help skills, games and songs will be introduced.

Preschool I

Designed for the child with no independent swimming experiences, this course acclimates the child to the water by teaching basic floating and swimming skills. Basic rescue and personal safety skills are introduced as well. Water fun, personal safety and games are taught and encouraged.  Also, elementary back and breaststroke are introduced.


This program is designed for children kindergarten through 14 years of age. We hold several different levels of Red Cross classes each afternoon, making it easy for you to enroll multiple children in the same afternoon. In addition, this makes it easy for children to progress through different levels at their own pace. The Bosse Sports aquatics staff has many years of aquatic experience with children.

Level I – Water exploration

Designed for inexperienced swimmers. This course acclimates children to the water by teaching basic swimming skills and water safety. Fun and games are taught and encouraged.

Level II – Primary Skills

Designed for children with some water experience, who are comfortable in the water and able to paddle on their own without a flotation device (bubble). Introduction to the front crawl, back crawl, and water safety will be taught.

Level III – Stroke Readiness

Designed for those children who have successfully completed Level II. Front crawl with rhythmic breathing will be stressed. Elementary backstroke, back crawl, diving, and treading water will also be taught.

Level IV – Stroke development

Designed for children who have successfully completed Level III. Children will improve their front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke in this course. Breaststroke and sidestroke will be introduced. Diving, open turns, treading water, and safety skills will be taught.


Bosse Sports offers private lessons for adults and children. Instructors are available during the day and evening. Private swim lessons at Bosse Sports are 30 minutes in length. Semi private swim lessons are 45 minutes in length.


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For more information regarding swim lessons at Bosse Sports in Sudbury in group or private setting, please contact our Director of Aquatics, Andrew Hawkins.