Watch your own recorded session and accelerate improving your skills.

Bosse Sports now offers video recording and online analysis by coaches to all members at any level. We partner with PlayViewTennis, which is the latest cloud-based video recording system specializes in recording tennis sessions.  

An integral part of your tennis experience!

Whether you are just getting started or have been in tennis games for a long time, watching your own recording to review your performance helps advance your skills. Use the recording to review your forms, lessons and matches, to debrief the game with your partner, or to ask your coach to provide analysis online to learn both positives and negatives of your session. You will learn so much from watching yourself play.

How to get started

Simply ask our receptionist to record your session today. (“Pay as you record” – see the pricing below.)  We will record your entire session, and send you an email when your recording is ready for you to watch. Be sure to take advantage of asking for online analysis by your coach (with additional fee – see below) , as it offers incredibly valuable insights with the ability to jump right to the part within the recording.  When you are ready to record your sessions more frequently, or on a regular basis, consider signing up for a monthly subscription to take advantage of discounted per recording rate.

PlayViewTennis Pricing List

                                                 (Price is in per person per recording)

With a private lesson Any other tennis sessions
Recording $10 $15
Recording + Online analysis by coach $40 $50


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