Tournament Training Program

Tournament Training Program (TTP)

Bosse Sports Tournament Training Program aims to harness the unique character of each individual through the long-term development process, instilling a disciplined and committed approach in a competitive environment while trying to achieve maximum potential. Students and staff involved with Bosse Sports TTP are expected to demonstrate our core values which are Competitiveness, Discipline, Commitment and Sportsmanship.

We strive to expose each Tournament Training Program student to every aspect of player development and training both on and off court. Currently on staff we have two USTA high performance certified pros with mental toughness training certifications, one coach who has coached the 14 and Under national team of Trinidad and Tobago and another high level coach who competed on the ATP tour last year. Together we bring years of professional tour play and over 30 years of coaching experience to our program.

Our coaching staff expects a lot from our players, but we offer just as much in return. Please see our detailed coaching philosophy below as well as a description of how our clinics are structured.

Our expert coaching staff utilizes progressive based teaching system that enables our student athletes:

  • To Perform Athletically (Agility, Speed, Footwork)
  • To Hit Correctly  (Grips, Swings, Strike-Zone)
  • To Execute Tactically  (Attack, Build, Defend)
  • To Control Emotionally (Commitment, Discipline, Competitiveness, Sportsmanship)

Each Weekday TTP Clinic Includes:

  • Tennis Preparation
  • Physical Preparation
  • Movement/Technique Specific Skill Development
  • Serve and Return Teaching
  • 3 Exercises of Topic Specific Teaching
  • High Intensity Competition
  • Athletic Development Component

Each Sunday TTP Clinic Includes:

  • Physical Preparation
  • Tennis Preparation
  • Serve and Return Training
  • Tactical Simulation Exercises
  • High Intensity Competition (minimum 2 full sets)
  • Doubles match play

Over a full week our Tournament Training Program Clinics address teaching and training of all the major strokes; Forehand, Backhand, Net Play and Serve and Return. Bosse Sports TTP program also gives our students a program that allows them to develop in the four major components (Athletically, Technically, Tactically and Mentally) of tennis all year round, regardless of their age and experience.  Bosse Sports TTP program is comparable to those of the world’s leading (and largest) tennis academies, but on a more personal and friendly level, and with a unique, world-class facility and environment.

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To learn more about our Tournament Training Program (TTP) for your son or daughter, please contact our director of TTP, Jared Flick.